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Skin is considered to be the biggest organ of a human being. Some people do not realize the significance of this organ and its influence on other vital health conditions. Every day this organ is damaged by the surrounding factors of the human environment. First of all, it is sunlight that can cause such widespread skin disorder as melanoma. A lot of people, especially women, are used to sunbathe very frequently. However, it is too dangerous to exposure a body to sunlight very often. The only one advantage of the skin disorders is that they are visible to a human eye. So, in the case of a certain problem a person knows what to do.
The insufficient skin disorders may include irritation, redness, burning, swelling and itching. They are also the first signs of the disease that is more serious. If the talk is about melanoma, this skin condition should be immediately treated as it threats the general state of human health. In some cases melanoma can progress in cancer that is really dangerous. How can you understand that the spot on your body is melanoma? There are such symptoms that can help you to define the disorder. You have to check the asymmetry of the spot on your body.

In the majority of melanoma cases, one half does not correspond to another by shape. The border of the spot can also indicate melanoma. The borders are usually ragged, irregular and blurred. The color can vary in the particular case. However, its range is from black to brown shades. With time melanoma increases, so this aspect can also help you to define the disorder. Another common skin problem is eczema. Such disease has the long-lasting effect. The common eczema symptoms are the rash on the face, elbow, knees and hands. Unfortunately, there is no test that can define this disorder that is why the doctors take into consideration your disease history and the health of your family in general.
A lot of people experience hives that are the itchy and red bumps on the skin. Usually, hives are caused by the allergy or hypersensitivity to a certain medication. It explains the necessity to consult a specialist before the intake of any drug. Hives can also occur as a result of certain infections and even stress. So, the psychological factor also plays a significant role. Hives usually disappear without the proper medical treatment. Another widespread skin disorder is mole. Moles are represented in a form of growth on the skin. They grow because the skin cells grow in a cluster with tissue that surrounds them. The average quantity of such moles on a human body is from 10 to 40.


Now, you are aware that skin is the largest human organ. Still, there are a lot of facts that can surprise you. An average human skin weights approximately 9 pounds. It also includes more than eleven miles of the blood vessels. In hot weather, especially in summer, a skin releases more than three sweat gallons per 24 hours. The body odor occurs in the result when bacteria eat and digest the fatty compounds. Breast is a modified sweat gland. Your skin is flying in the air as it sheds approximately 500 000 of cells per minute. That is why in our atmosphere there is a billion tons of skin dust. White skin occurred in the result of the migration of the black people, who lost their melatonin pigments in the cold areas of the planet.
As you see, there are a lot of interesting and shocking facts about skin. Still, we are talking about its treatment. The most widespread and popular way of skin disorders cure is the usage of Azelex cream.



One should tell a doctor about the following conditions before Azelex intake: pregnancy, breast-feeding, allergy to any medicine or a food product, a disease history of cold sores or asthma, the intake of any herbal supplements, other drug or vitamins. The last condition is needed because Azelex cream can interact with certain medicines in a negative way. This cream is considered to be antibacterial one, so it treats the majority of the skin problems. You can buy cheap azelex on the online pharmacy.


The Azelex use should also be approved by your doctor as the dosage can vary that depends on the individual health conditions. Before its use, wash the affected zone of your skin and dry it. Cover this area and rub until the medication is distributed completely. The affected zone should not be covered by any bandage. In the case of impotence, buy Cialis online with a PDE 5 inhibitor Tadalafil.


Such side effects as itching, dryness, redness, stinging and burning are the insufficient side effects of the medicine. In the case of severe allergy, go to hospital. In the table below you can read about the general characteristics of Azelex cream.

Name Interaction Side effects
Azelex cream herbals, vitamins, certain drugs burning, irritation, itching, dryness